MediCorp Gulf Medical Clinic opens HQ Clinic in BBRC

Date: 20.10.2016 | ABC Group | Security

ABC and MediCorp Gulf Medical Clinic (MMC) have come together to better serve companies operating in oilfields of Basra, providing full business and residence services backed with on-site medical care for all clients.

medicorp-logoMMC is one of the most prestigious and dedicated private treatment and diagnostic facilities in the GCC. MMC has built a reputation on a passion for first class healthcare and for creating an environment that puts patients completely at ease.

MMC has moved its HQ Clinic to ABC’s Burjesia Business & Residence Centre (BBRC), located in the heart of the southern oilfields of Basra. MMC is happy to announce that it will provide fully fledged medical services from this HQ Clinic and will be open to the public as well as corporate clients.

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