Consulting & Management

Management Services

For corporations operating in Iraq, ABC provides customized personnel support services to manage the complex logistical and compliancy needs of international personnel on assignment outside their home country. Particularly in high-risk areas, or for the administration and overseas training requirements of a substantial locally-hired workforce.

Our expertise in this key area is designed to improve project efficiency, maintain compliance with local immigration law, and enhance the working relationship between companies and their personnel, whether expatriate or host-nation employees.

Hiring from the local population, bringing in the necessary expertise from outside and perhaps organizing training abroad on mass for locally-hired staff will often be necessary. This will require foreign companies to navigate host-nation employment law, employee tax and social security obligations, travel and residency visa requirements as well as significant personnel logistics operations.

In these situations, ABC has become a specialist in providing the ‘two-way services’ necessary between origin and destination country to accomplish the goals of our clients in the locations and the timeframes required. Our capabilities are particularly developed in Iraq due to over 40 years of business operations here. ABC is able to provide some of the following services as a part of a comprehensive management solution to its clients:

  • Management of business operations – on-the-ground and back-office
  • Human resource recruitment and placement (local and international)
  • Comprehensive accounting and financial management
  • Logistical support of visa, transit en-route to Iraq (airport pick-up/drop-off, hotel reservations, etc.) and arrival & departure assistance by dedicated client liaison teams
  • Organization of out-of-country training programs and visa applications for small to large groups of Iraqi national staff
  • Medical administrative support & MEDEVAC insurance

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