Consulting & Management

Market Entry

When entering a new geographical market in the region or expanding your reach in an existing business location, ABC offers the necessary expertise and advice on legal and regulatory obstacles, provides market research, political and reputational risk assessment and due diligence, as well as logistical support and capabilities to enable setting up your operation on the ground.

The financial implications of delays at this delicate start-up stage can be severe and our experts will help develop detailed plans and risk-mitigation strategies to guide new businesses through this process to achieve compliance and operational resilience by the quickest route.

CommunicationsLife SupportITSecurityLogistics

The essential parts of any successful business set-up is the ability to effectively be able to:

  • Communicate internally and externally – Communications & IT
  • Accommodate your personnel – Hospitality
  • Secure your personnel – Security
  • Transport goods and personnel – Logistics
  • Operate & Maintain assets – Maintenance

Through its collective business divisions and associates, ABC will provide you with tailored services to ensure that all of your requirements are met and exceeded in terms of quality expectation.

  • Communications will be delivered by ABC Communications.
  • Accommodation and life support will be delivered by ABC Commercial Division.
  • Security and safety will be delivered by ABC’s local licensed Security Companies.
  • Transportation of your goods and personnel will be delivered by ABC’s Transport Department, maintenance of fleet requirements are delivered by ABC’s Automotive Services Division.
  • Operation and maintenance will be delivered by ABC’s Maintenance Department.

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