Medical Services

Through a multi-national medical partner, ABC Group focuses on providing corporate medical services in Iraq. The services we provide include emergency healthcare services, medEvac services, first aid training, fit-to-work examinations, and general medical consultations.

MediCorp, is an expansion partner of ABC Group, offering quality corporate medical services in Iraq. MediCorp has built two level-2 hospitals, fifteen medical clinics, and employed over 120 medical staff. In Iraq, MediCorp has a team of highly qualified and suitably certified medical professionals with years of experience in the healthcare sector. With compassionate care for all the patients, they ensure an entirely positive and nurturing environment at our medical centers. As a reliable, regional healthcare provider for more than 100 global companies and agencies, such as embassies, security companies, major oil and gas clients, and the US military, MediCorp understands the business of medicine.

Apart from superior medical service centers, MediCorp is also a trusted supplier of various medical equipment and devices. By sourcing the medical equipment from global manufacturers, they ensure high-performing and best in quality standards. The emergency services include patient stabilization and rapid medical evacuation to provide timely and efficient patient transfers to private Basra healthcare facilities. To support client HSE standards and healthcare system, MediCorp also offers occupational healthcare services, First Aid training, and exclusive consultation services. To know more about our services, contact us today!

Our Service Inclusions

24/7 Emergency Care

Our emergency department is functional round-the-clock to provide immediate care for ensuring complete patient safety in all circumstances.

Remedial Therapy

Using systematic assessment and careful research, our efficient medical staff will provide focused remedial massages to help patients recover from muscoskeletal injuries.

Primary Care

Through highly-trained primary care physicians, we ensure adequate and quality medical services to patients in Basra.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Our medical centers are self-sufficient to perform basic surgical procedures to provide quick and timely medical services to patients in Basra.

Ambulance Services

We offer access to Advanced Life Saving (ALS) standard equipped ambulances, and trained staff to ensure rapid medical assistance in patient transfers to anyone in Iraq.

Pharmacy, Laboratory, and X-Ray Services

Our medical services in Basra include a fully-fledged pharmacy, X-ray, and laboratory services to provide professional medical screenings.


For proper preventive medical care, we also offer certified and approved international vaccinations services in a monitored and efficient manner.

Occupational Health

Through workplace health screenings, wellness programs, health policy consultations, and more, we can help preserve your employees' health and increase productivity.

Medical Waste Disposal

We follow strict prescribed procedures and guidelines to dispose of medical waste with care to prevent any unwanted health hazards.


Through fully-fledged medical evacuation services, ABC Group ensures quick transportation of patients to international hospitals - even from remote locations in Basra. Instant and efficient emergency care to save lives.

Intensive and Isolation Care

Our health services also include urgent assistance to intensive care medical conditions. We are able to provide monitored isolation care to curb the spread of infections.

Medical Equipment Supply and Procurement

We are a trusted supplier of various medical equipment to avail the latest technology devices and healthcare systems for your health center.

Dental Services

Our specialized dental care team is highly skilled in solving diverse dental problems using advanced medical equipment and methodologies.

Medical Training and Consulting

We have an expert team to offer First Aid training to equip employees and help curb workforce risk. Our qualified consultants will provide healthcare advisory services.

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