General Trading and Consulting Service

We offer an extensive range of sourcing and procurement capabilities to equip life support facilities, commercial offices, and project sites.

ABC Group is a foremost general trading company with over 20 years of continuous and multilateral business presence in Iraq. In addition to being a general trading company, we also offer end-to-end consultancy, thereby bridging the gap between foreign businesses and the Iraqi market. Known for our holistic perspective, we bring together deep functional expertise, experienced and skilled experts, as well as executive and communication capabilities. At ABC Group, we combine our team’s extended general trading experience, long-term product sourcing practice, and varied culture and backgrounds, which enables foreign companies and investors to succeed in the Iraqi market.

Together, we aim to achieve both short and medium-term goals by implementing the pre-requisites and strategies required by each business when conducting trade. Additionally, we strive to increase the market share of high-quality imported goods with competitive rates and enhance trade relations between countries. We recognize that not many companies have the knowledge, capability, or communication required in trade. Therefore, we help design, plan, and implement a step-by-step process to achieve it. To learn more about our general trading service, or to avail of our consultancy service, feel free to contact our team.

Our Procurement Service Inclusions

Containerized Accommodation Units

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality containerized accommodation units. They are easily transported, come in various sizes and are highly versatile, making them ideal to use for multiple purposes.

Camp Supplies

Whether you are going back-packing or camping on the mountains, we have the ultimate camp essentials to ensure you a comfortable experience. From shelter to warmth, and seating, we cover a wide range of camp supplies.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO Units)

As an experienced product sourcing company in Iraq we take pride in offering the reverse osmosis system (RO Units). These are tested for leakage, ensuring 100% quality and reliable installation.

Diesel Generators and Spare Parts

We have an unparalleled collection of high-quality diesel generators and spare parts to cater to your overhauling and emergency maintenance requirements. They are 100% genuine, guaranteeing perfect operation.

Waste Management Systems

We are an undisputed leader in supplying waste management systems to various industries across Iraq. These include aluminum plants, power plants, construction industries, and more.

Electrical Parts and Products

From electric tools to switches, transformers and circuit breakers, we cover an expansive range of electric parts and products for all your electric needs.

Office Supplies

At ABC Group, we have all your office supply and equipment needs covered. With us, customers can rest assured of receiving high-quality products at low prices.

Catering Equipment and Raw Materials

We are the premier supplier of superior quality catering equipment and raw materials in Iraq. All our products are highly durable and resistance free in nature.

Cleaning and Housekeeping Supplies

With a wide range of professional cleaning and housekeeping products we are able to cater to various needs of your business. Each of our supplies are highly adaptable and versatile and come in a range of materials to suit various cleaning tasks.

Automotive Equipment, Parts and Materials

As an industry-leading product sourcing company we strive to assemble the best and widest range of automotive equipment, parts and materials for all your car repair requirements.

Construction Materials

We supply a wide range of construction materials for usage in both residential and commercial construction sites. Materials include washed sand, variety of bases, and natural rocks.

About Our Consulting Service

Tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, our consultancy services will help you maintain and continually improve your presence in the Iraqi market.

PR Services

ABC Group functions as a full business partner to our clients and offer integrated marketing and PR services to help build your brand’s reputation and offer ideal solutions to combat various challenges in the market.

Business Development

We combine in-depth strategic analysis and extensive experience in all our business development projects. Therefore, we are able to offer companies a simple yet powerful end-to-end service.

Legal Consulting

In addition to our general trading service, we also provide legal consulting to both individuals and companies across Iraq. We work closely with you to anticipate and meet varied challenges that may come along.

Market Entry Strategy Services

With our experienced and knowledgeable team, we help new companies navigate the complexities involved when stepping into a new market. It includes conducting a market research, competitor analysis, evaluation of local suppliers and investment recommendations.

Project Management

Project management is one of our core specialties where we have leaders who have successfully managed projects of varying magnitudes. From small scale to large-scale and enterprise-wide projects, we are able to cover it all.

Contract Management

Contract management is one of the crucial aspects of any business. Our team prepares and manages the project documentation which entails the tender documents, consultancy agreements and other contracts.

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