Life Support Residences Iraq

We specialize in providing professional life support services in Basra, Baghdad, and KRG in Iraq. Our life support camps feature accommodation rooms, offices, medical facilities, commercial gyms, swimming pools, multi-sports courts, outdoor cinemas, and gaming/welfare rooms, providing clients a home away from home experience.

ABC Group provides reliable solutions to set-up a fully-furnished life support camps in Iraq. We have qualified engineers and other experts to help you establish a camp accommodation in Basra and other regions in Iraq. Our experienced professionals understand the client’s residency requirement and develop perfect floor plans to offer quality life support services tailored for your requirements. Using quality building materials and space-saving designs, we build a highly-efficient and well-built life support camp. Before starting the construction work, we properly gauge weather conditions and other region-specific characteristics such as soil characteristics to construct a suitable and operational camp accommodation in Iraq.

Including various essential features such as laundry facilities and other advanced amenities, we can help you establish furnished camp housing options. Our highly-skilled team uses the latest technologies and world-class construction methods to erect fully functional life support accommodation in Iraq quickly. Our specialized engineering techniques and long industry experience will help you reduce the housing costs for life support services. Along with quality life support camp services, we also provide professional camp management services in Iraq.

Our Life Support Camps

Burjesia Business & Residence Centre (BBRC)

Located in Al-Touba, Burjesia; BBRC is the South HQ of ABC Group and also serves as the boutique life support accommodation facility with the ability to accommodate up to 100 or more clients spanning on over 10,000 sqm of land with possible expansion capabilities of over 50,000 sqm on privately owned land. BBRC also has an indoor French-design swimming pool, modern equipped commercial gym, a dining facility serving a continental menu, welfare and entertainment room, an outdoor lounge and cinema, and a medical center (manned by international medical provider by ABC Group partner- MediCorp Global).

Our Camp Features

Commercial Gyms

Our well-built camp accommodations in Iraq consist of proper gym spaces equipped with commercial gym equipment, to help the occupants to live in proper health.

Indoor Swimming Pool

We also offer luxurious swimming pool facilities to ensure a relaxing living environment inside the life support camp in Iraq.

Large-Capacity Kitchen

We build spacious camp accommodations with vast modular kitchen areas to ensure that the catering services are provided to the highest standard.

Large Dining Facility

The dining areas in our life support accommodations in Iraq are vast and designed to provide a comfortable dining experience to the occupants with the strict hygiene practices.

Furnished Office Spaces

We also offer fully-equipped office spaces in our life support camps to help people conveniently execute work inside these residences.

24/7 On-Site Hospital

To quickly assist with any medical emergency, we ensure round-the-clock healthcare assistance at all our camp accommodation sites in Iraq.

En-Suite Rooms

All our rooms our life support camps are en-suite rooms in order to ensure a convenient, hygienic and safe living experience to the occupants.

Welfare and Gaming Room

The life support residences also include special gaming rooms and other specially-built recreational activity centers to relax and enjoy.

Outdoor Lounge and Cinema

The life support spaces also include an outdoor lounge area and cinema space to help the occupants enjoy and retreat.

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