Security Services Iraq

By stringently vetting qualified security personnel and partnering with international security firms, we are able to deliver bespoke integrated security solutions established to mitigate all elements of risk to clients.

The increasing threats and unpredictability around us make services from a professional security company in Iraq vital. With advancing technologies and systems, it is increasingly difficult to protect your data and assets. ABC Group offers high-technology safety and defense services for efficient security project management in Iraq. We have also partnered with various international firms who possess immense experience in systems development and unique program management.

Our decades of experience in strategic services have been instrumental in understanding the country's region-specific security needs. We also offer suitable armored security protection solutions in Iraq in association with experienced players from the industry. Our armed protection services are provided by an in-house Iraqi company - managed by expatriates and ex-military Iraqis - in the Central and Southern part, and by a Kurdish company in the Kurdistan region of the country.

Our Security and Defense Solutions

Safety measures need to be wisely chosen as all your other further activities and system functionality rely entirely on this very factor. Be it simple surveillance systems or strategic security planning; our high-end services have enabled us to establish ourselves as a leading security company in Iraq. Through continuous research and adaptation, we always strive to be at the forefront of providing reliable security services across Iraq. Our defense and security solutions are highly equipped to provide:

The latest cutting-edge solutions to the Security & Defense community in Iraq

Integrated security solutions for urban, border, Oil & Gas requirements

Complex security system solutions with extensive expertise on mission-critical solutions

Specialized Oil & Gas turnkey security solutions, tailor-made for Iraq’s environment

Command & Control Centers

Surveillance Systems


Access Control

Biometrics Access Systems

Perimeter & Border Protection

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